• Modular Architecture

    Efficiency & Stability:
    The core engine is lightweight and lean to assure a high level of efficiency and stability. A maximum of features are based on plugins. This way, each product based on ARIA only contains its required features.
    NEW Custom Modular Instruments:
    ARIA’s flexible plugin based architecture allows incredible customization and future-proofing. Using a custom SDK, highly efficient DSP modules can be compiled into native machine code to do tasks such as:

    • Complex MIDI/input processing
    • Voice generation (e.g.: sample player, sample modeling, additive/subtractive synthesis, physical modeling, etc)
    • Effects
    • and more

    Any number of separate SFZ files can be tied together with these custom DSP modules to in modular fashion in order to create new instruments.

    Bundled Plugins:
    Many plugins has been developed like:

    • Real-Time Morphing Capabilities
    • High-Order Filters
    • Convolution (for instrument body resonances and acoustic spaces)
    • MIDI Processing (for legato, anti-repetition, etc.)
    • Custom DSP